Our story

Born in Wisconsin and raised in four different countries, our founder’s only constant while growing up was change. Change and the yearly Christmas trips to his grandmother’s village in Numan, Nigeria where he found the freedom to roam, the challenge to climb every tree, and the curiosity to try as many fruits as possible.

He recalls one particularly special trip. After countless attempts at climbing a Baobab tree, he finally caved and resorted to plucking the fruit from the tree with bamboo sticks like everyone else did. The disappointment of said harvesting method quickly disappeared and was replaced with the joy of pending delight from his labor. It was love at first sight bite. Baobab instantly become his favorite fruit. 

In July 2017, on his way back home, Isa stopped to purchase lemonade from some young entrepreneurs who were raising money to buy a gigantic fan to end global warming. After the purchase, he began reminiscing about his own days as a young kid selling baobab ice cream to adults in an attempt to raise funds for his space travel. Upon reaching home, Isa decided to do a little online search and found out about the nutritional benefits of Baobab, and that it was granted a G.R.A.S status recently. Allowing it to be imported to the United States. Thus, Baopowder was born.